About .BB

Let me tell you who I am!

Hi there! I'm .BB, a robot demonstrator, able to drive around, detect, recognize and pick up small litter. I'm equipped with cameras to hunt for litter. While driving, I will 'see' litter, because I can recognize this on the basis of a trained algorithm.

I use a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), a self-learning algorithm that can make connections. To feed my algorithm it is very important that I'm provided with a good and large amount of training data. The training data must be diverse, so that I can see litter in all light conditions and all shapes and sizes.

I will soon be able to estimate for myself with how much certainty I know what lies ahead and what it is. The probabilistic algorithm indicates the probability. For example, if I soon expect to see that there is a can in front of it with 80% certainty, I'll be programmed so that I will take it with me.

When I'm not sure what type of litter is in front of me, I will take a photo with a GPS tag. I'll ask the public to advise me online via a mobile app and with the support of a mixed reality game. I'll ask you "what is this?" And will then ask you to annotate and label the photo. This information is sent back to the me. So basically, you can make me smarter!

In addition to cleaning up litter, my main added value is data collection. By giving me a function in public space and my interaction with people, I also want to contribute to social discussion and awareness around the effects of littering.

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