Robot demo

We would be pleased to give a demo in your municipality or event

A robot demonstrator. Discussion guaranteed.

Clean beaches. We all want that, right? For years, it has been a search for effective means to reach beachgoers and address the problem of littering. Public campaigns, litter coaches, signs at trash cans, etc. The key to success is not yet there. What remains is that we keep cleaning up the mess of others. Municipalities, volunteers and environmental organizations are committed and despite a number of good results, it is still like we are putting a sticking plaster on a wooden leg.

Will robotics make the difference? We cannot answer that question yet. But we would be happy to engage in that discussion. With you and with the beach crowd. With our robot demonstrators, .BB the beach litter cleaning robot - and MAPP - the beach litter detection robot, we have two concepts that we are currently validating. We are also happy to do this in your municipality or event. We can show how the prototypes are already able to recognize and clean up litter and how the robots interact with the public. And more importantly, how the public can help make the robots smarter.

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